Mortgage Services

We bolster our reputation with a myriad of services we provide as well as numerous customer references and testimonials, but what we really think puts the feather in our cap so to speak is our years of knowledge and experience. As one of Florida’s most reputable real estate companies, we provide an unrivaled set of skills in answering to your every need, resolving complications in an efficient manner.

Jade International takes the guesswork out of loan applications by distinguishing the amount able to be borrowed for our clients. We do the due diligence and take care of the majority of red tape for you in the aid of getting you mortgage lending.

Our company works hard during the pre-approval and approval process with the idea in mind of an easy and stress-free resolution for our clients. If mortgage pre-approval is available, this establishes a price range and strengthens buyer position when seeking a property acquisition. Pre-approval also ensures the seller knows that you have already been approved for a loan and eases the often frustrating time constraints once a purchase agreement has been signed between both parties.

It’s Not so Much About Chasing Commissions as it is Keeping a Happy Client for a Lifetime

If you need assistance in acquiring independent or mortgage financing in the acquisition of a home, get in touch with our real estate firm today. Jade International Realty wants to help you buy a home of your dreams with the financing you deserve.

We have over 15 years of experience in the South Florida area buying and selling homes, as well as helping people just like you looking for the property acquisition they’ve always wanted.

If you have questions and would like to learn more information about mortgage services, contact us today or take a look at the information contained here on our website.

None of us are omniscient. It would be nice to be able to predict exactly what roadblocks and outcomes we might face especially in a situation like a home sale or purchase. However  without the aid of ESP, one needs to rely on the quality, dependable services from a company like Jade International Realty.